Technology, spies and activism

Homeland - Cory Doctorow

The cover, of the edition I read, didn't make it clear that this was the second book in the series, and on occasion I wondered what events the narrator was referring to, they seemed too important to warrant no more than a brief mention. Now I have ordered book one and look forward to reading that soon.

Apart from the occasional confusion, the book is a complete story and worked perfectly as a standalone. A young hacker, Marcus, is entrusted with secrets about the operations of the US Homeland Security. He has to decide whether to risk his safety and expose the atrocities or stay safe. It's a YA book, however it is written in a way that it will appeal to people of all ages with an interest in civil liberties and activism.

Marcus and his friends are warm and idealistic, and the main story, the included short story based on the aftermath of the Seneca quake, and the articles by internet activists all made me want to go and learn code and get involved. In many ways it reminded me of Robert Newman's book "The Fountain at the Centre of the World" and its depiction of the Battle for Seattle.