Stunning debut

Reception - Kenzie Jennings

About half way through this novella (or short novel) I was all set to write - "To those of you who claim indie authors are not worth your time, I give you "Reception" by Kenzie Jennings. This story is tightly written and full of powerful imagery, better than many traditionally published books in the genre. Words are never wasted and Jenning's descriptions are beautiful and evocative, guiding you through the first person narrative."


Unfortunately, the second half wobbles somewhat. The narrative rambles and phrases are repeated taking us away from the action. Even so it is worthy of the four stars I've given it. Jennings handles the horror well, making this a visceral ride, psychological and murderous, full of humour (occasionally ridiculously timed). The dialogue between the sisters is full of wit, and that WTF end. Wow!


A great story, which could have been close to perfect if the second half had followed the same structure and brevity of the first.


I used the transfiguration spell to change a square to new release. I could have sworn one of the squares was Cannibals, but I was wrong. A Cannibals square would have been perfect for this book.