It takes a village

Beloved - Toni Morrison

to raise a child or banish a ghost.


The end of the novel, the sense of strength, hope, community and forgiveness, repays the reader for the trauma endured and a story powerful enough to make tears flow like rivers.


There are some truly incredible lines. The language Morrison uses is evocative and uncovers the buried knowledge beneath this story of one woman and her family. Morrison says in the introduction that the story of a woman killing her child to avoid slavery is a true one while the motivations and terrible guilt at the author's projections. 


I was delighted to read this as a group read and while there were many squares it might have fit into I took a liberty because this is a wild card and used it for classic horror. It was written too recently to truly fit into the category, but it has all other requisites for a true classic. 


Who else has read this? We can chat about it in the comments. I will also write a post on my blog at about my thoughts on this text and why women and in particular women of colour write such soul-wrenching horror.