Release day!
Release day!

My latest book is released today. It's book 4 in a horror/dark fantasy series and can be found on Amazon at


Ribbons - Psychopaths shall inherit the Earth.


The rum bar seems a cosy setting to wait out the apocalypse. When the rain stops falling those who are still breathing are forced to reevaluate their lives. Edensun, The Bringer of Chaos, and Freya’s paths are destined to cross, but when they come face to face who will be the hero and who the villain? The Morrigu gather; they are told their fate is to save the world from Chaos, but they worship a goddess of war whose intentions are dubious. Only the witch in the tower block seems to know the truth and she is unwilling to share.


Books 1 & 2, Starblood and Psychonaut, are on sale for 99c this weekend to encourage readers to take a chance on the series. Blurbs and links below.


Starblood -


Star craves freedom, but her lover, Satori, refuses to let her go. He casts a spell to make her love him again, opening a gateway through which Lilith, mother of demons, enters their lives. ‚ÄčLilith serves no man. Instead she seduces Star, assuring her that there is no shame in love, only completion. Thus begins a strange and terrible love triangle that leads them to Scotland and the Cairngorm mountains.

When Star tries to leave Satori, her lover refuses to let her walk away. A failed spell to rekindle their love brings Lilith, Mother of Demons, storming into their lives. Lilith seduces Star and thus begins a strange and terrible love triangle full of murder and betrayal. An LGBT Gothic romance, Starblood is book one in a five book series.

Psychonaut - 

Satori has promised Star he will save her and he isn’t about to let her death stand in his way. He battles demons, travels worlds and faces the wrath of human law, but he refuses to give in. Meanwhile Star is in another world, being tortured by a goddess and a demon baby. She doesn’t have time to wait around to be saved.

Black Sun - 


Murder, magic and obsession tear the heroes from the bliss they deserve. Star and Satori are being hunted; something is playing with their lives. Star found her power in another world, but will that be enough to save them? In a game of revenge, lovers and friends are moved around a cosmic chess board; death and madness are the final penalties for defeat. Who can judge whether the self-destructive human psyche or obsessed demon-child is the more dangerous force?