Reading progress update: I've read 286 out of 751 pages.

Coldheart Canyon - Clive Barker

One of the rules of Halloween Bingo was that I couldn't finish the first book until today. Well no worries there. I'm only a third through it, but what a read! The dark erotic scenes are incredibly graphic and heavy in BDSM and human/animal hybrids. The best part of Barker is the way he can make the incredible seem credible. How a person led by lust can ignore every warning sign. 


We are now in a Hollywood house on Coldheart Canyon so named because the starlet who once lived there (or perhaps still does) was considered a cold-hearted bitch. Why? Unsurprisingly because she doesn't live her life by anyone else's rules and embraces her own sexuality. How dare she?


The ghosts in the canyon are an intriguing mix and I think I have some idea now of how the plot may progress, although with Barker as author the chances are I will be completely wrong. A great read that I grabbed for the American Horror Story square, although if another suitable one is called instead it is flexible.