Today's charity shop buy will cover me for at least 3 of the Halloween Bingo squares. Well I know I can't use one book for all 3, but it can be used once for any of the three. Clear as mud.


Noting Broken Tune's crib notes so I can refer to them easily come September. Bring it on!


You don't have to wait for a square to be called before you read the book. You can read a book for any of the squares on your card at any time during the game.

If you happen to read a book for a square that is called while you are reading (or that has already been called), then you can "black out" that square as soon as you finish the book.

If a square is called that is on your card and you haven't read the book for the square, yet, you can't call the square until you finish the book. Some people like to use different markers to remind them whether a square has been read, or called, or both read and called, i.e. "blacked out".

If you have 5 blacked out squares in a row, or column, or diagonal, then you can call a bingo.

The game continues after a bingo has been called. So, when you complete the next row, column, or diagonal, you get to call another bingo. 

Note: the centre square (raven) is a free square - you still need to read a book that meets the bingo categories of horror, mystery, suspense, etc. but the choice of book is yours.