Funny memoir but some shitty politics

How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran

Caitlin Moran is funny. I thoroughly enjoyed the parts of the book that were memoir and some of the parts that purported to be (all encompassing) objective notes on what women struggle with/care about/find most important did resonate with me, although many more were contrary to my personal experiences. If I were to have read the book simply as an amusing memoir I would have given it more than three stars.


However it was marketed as a feminist text, and perhaps if white feminism is your thing and Lady Gaga is your idol then this might be a plausible entry point for considering feminism. At seventeen I might have gotten more from it, and I did pass it onto my daughter for her thoughts. For me it failed as a feminist text - it includes casual racism, transphobic slurs, ableism and generalises on ideas that I do not believe are generally held or experienced.


There were times when I thought she made intelligent points contrary to popular wisdom and argued them well. Far too often though sweeping statements were disguised beneath comedy and this is where the more offensive arguments and language often came to light. I didn't hate it, if I did I wouldn't have shared it with my daughter. I found parts of it refreshing and fun. But I probably disagreed with 50% of what she said and found 10% actually quite offensive and upsetting. In short - great memoir, crap politics.