Great collection of Scottish and International horror

Book of the Dead: A Horror Anthology - Jan-Andrew Henderson, Anita Sullivan, Catherine Macpahail

This was a thoroughly enjoyable collection of short stories published by City of the Dead Tours. Many of the stories contain very dark humour and are all the stronger for this. I have added some of the writers' names to my watch list.


"Bunny Wunny Woo" was funny; "Lambent Lights" was a clever cautionary tale; "Mr Quibbly's Brain Emporium" was delightfully weird; "The Tunnel" was a satisfying short; "What's the Story Morning Star Glory?" was exciting and fun; "There's Something Wrong With the Baby" was chilling and one of my favourites in the collection. I'll be looking out for more from Samantha MacLaren. "The Tenant" was my favourite. I was blown away by the cleverness and originality of this story by Anita Sullivan about a tenement that somehow erases tenants and people's recollection of them. "Reverend Pea Pod and the Bloated Corpse" is brilliantly funny; "Skinner's Box" was very clever with a great twist in the tale; "Green Ladies" was a sweet, slightly creepy tale, set in a location I am familiar with and wrote my own short story about - Duff House in Scotland. Finally "The Plodder" was a satisfying short story that enchanted me. There are fourteen tales in total and none of them are badly written.


In summary, a delightful collection of short horror and one to check out.